MML&K exhibits comprehensive political skill, procedural acumen, and professional relationships at the federal, state, and local level. Our team of government relations professionals has held elected office, led state government agencies, staffed top policymakers in the General Assembly, Governor's Office, and on Capitol Hill, run award-winning public relations efforts, written newspaper stories and editorials that help guide the policymaking process, and advocated across the public policy spectrum. 

Since inception, MML&K has been at the forefront of the ever-changing political landscape in Kentucky. At the time of our founding, the legislature was new in asserting its independence from the executive branch, and we innovated the industry through hiring full-time, government relations professionals who advocated on behalf of clients year-round.

MML&K's issue expertise, political agility, and emphasis on integrity have guided us through over a quarter-century of major shifts in Kentucky politics, allowing our clients not only to weather these changes, but to thrive. 

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