Abby comes to the firm as the President of Piper Public Relations, a Louisville-based, award-winning public relations firm serving clients in education, tourism, economic development, local government, and political campaign PR. She previously served as the Deputy Executive Director of the Kentucky Council of Area Development Districts, where she administered statewide grants geared toward workforce, economic development, technology, and agriculture. She began her career as the marketing coordinator for the Kentucky Association of School Administrators, where
she drove the work of committees, designed recruitment and retention strategies, and developed an online media library for remote continuing credit training. Abby lobbies for Jefferson County Public Schools, and has represented more than half a dozen Kentucky public school districts for public relations. Abby regularly conducts trainings and workshops for public sector brand relations, crisis communications, and social media management. Abby earned a double B.A. in Journalism and English at Western Kentucky University, during which time she studied at Oxford University in England. She is currently working toward a Master’s in Public Administration at the University of Louisville.