National Foundation of Women Legislators, Treasurer Ball, and Reynolds American Inc. Host Kentucky Luncheon

The National Foundation of Women Legislators (NFWL), State Treasurer Allison Ball, and Reynolds American Inc. hosted the NFWL Dome Tour Kentucky luncheon during the last week of the 2017 Kentucky General Assembly.

Our client, Reynolds American, invited us to participate and encourage legislator from both sides of the aisle to celebrate, empower, and inspire elected women to become thought leaders who shape America’s future. We were proud to do so and happy to see so many of our female legislators join us.

Reynolds American Inc was proud to be able to discuss the work of one of their operating company in developing the Ebola vaccination.

Ultimately, the opportunity for Democrat and Republican legislators to gather and discuss opportunities for partnerships in other states became the star of the day. Participants learned about issues and bills on deck in other states, spurring conversation about analyzing other state’s models, watching for success stories, and targeting progress on a national scale. They also got to hear from Delaware State Representative and NFWL Board Member Helene Keeley about her experiences both in her state and from her experience with NFWL.

MML&K was proud to be part of this event. As a strong, bipartisan firm, we understand the power of diverse perspectives. The MML&K office is split nearly half and half in gender representation, with professionals at every level learning, growing, and supporting one another. When Reynolds American came to us about the Dome Tour, we couldn’t be more proud that our clients continue to spur greater conversations among thought leaders for Kentuckians today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Kentucky State Treasurer Allison Ball