Celebrating Kentucky's 225th Birthday: Historic Kentuckian Lookalike Series

Featuring our famous Kentuckian lookalike series.

Kentucky turns 225 today, and as the day approached, I spent a good deal of time thinking about how we could honor the birth of our great Commonwealth. 

We always say age is not about the number. And really, it's not. But as I look back on Kentucky's 225 years, I realize it's not really Kentucky's physical borders that we're celebrating, but rather the profound individuals who have made Commonwealth of Kentucky what it is. 

From Henry Clay to Patty Loveless, from Bill Monroe to Abraham Lincoln, from Rosy the Riveter to Daniel Boone, the men and women who have poured their heart and soul into Kentuckianism have made us the progressive, full-throttle individuals we are. We are a people who fight for justice, who sing our stories, who show up to work when times are good and bad, who move to the masses with inspirational words. Kentucky is great, and Kentuckians are a great people. 

To be honest, the idea for our lookalike came to me over a back porch bourbon one evening. As I began thinking about these qualities that Kentuckians have shown us for over 200 years, I realized that these qualities live on in the people in my office. We are passionate people with a passion for bettering our people. 

Here are all of our staff's lookalikes, as celebrated throughout the day on our social media feeds. Happy birthday, Kentucky. We are proud to call you home. 

Daniel Boone | Sean Cutter

Strong, smart, and brave, we figured there was no better match. Although our firm's director doesn't have his own forest or any songs named after him, we think maybe one day he will.  

Patty Loveless | Lora Sewell

Both of these women have so much soul. Patty Loveless grew up as a coal miner's daughter, and later went on to reinvent country music by infusing old country, bluegrass, and modern country into her own style. 

Governor William Goebel | Jason Bentley

There's no real personality similarity here, but we think the resemblance is a bit uncanny, especially considering that Governor Goebel's private quarters at the hotel were in our current office. 

Rosemary Clooney | Abby Piper

It's a little-known fact that Abby has been singing all her life, and is featured on a Kentucky CD (we challenge you to find it!) from the late 90s. We also think they have a similar drive for excellence.  

Bill Monroe | Chris Nolan

Great men, either way you flip the coin. Smart. Passionate. Iconic. No one will ever forget Bill Monroe, and we think the same thing about Chris Nolan. 

Rosie the Riveter | Sara Osborne

We're told the original Rosie the Riveter is from Kentucky, and we think that's just perfect. Sara, like "Rosie," answers the call with sleeves rolled up every time someone needs a hand. 

Abraham Lincoln | James Higdon

Yes, we know the physical resemblance is a stretch. But, we couldn't help but link these fantastic Republicans together. Jimmy, like ol' Abe, has spent his career with his nose to the grind helping Kentuckians live better, longer lives. 

Loretta Lynn | Marie Fowler

Gosh, if you could see Marie's picture from her 20s, I bet you'd think she was Loretta Lynn's long lost sister. Beautiful, kind, joyful women both. 

Rep. Gerald Neal | Chuck Lambert 

It's not unusual for either of these gentlemen to be called by the other's name in the halls of the Capitol Annex. That's no surprise considering how long they've each been walking those halls working for Kentucky.

Laura Bell Bundy | Brandy Cantor

She played the original Elle Woods in "Legally Blonde." How could we not match up Laura Bell Bundy with our smart, hard-working blonde Brandy?

Henry Clay | Terry McBrayer

One of the nation's finest orators, Henry Clay was also an attorney and politician. If you don't believe that basically describes Terry McBrayer's record, then you don't know Terry McBrayer. 

Thanks for staying with us today on Kentucky's 225th birthday! Here's to a great new year ahead.